TTE Strategy


TTE Strategy is the #1 strategy boutique in Germany. We make our clients fit for the future. With our special focus on quality, empathy and fairness: for this we have been awarded several times. Together with our clients, we advance strategy, digital transformation, commercial and operational excellence nationally and internationally – at the highest level. We support leaders who want to bring out the very best in their organizations by creating outstanding and lasting results. We believe that strategy consulting projects which use our approach generate the highest levels of motivation and commitment from all project stakeholders and create results that stick. This is not a ‘soft’ approach, but rather we achieve the best ‘hard’ results possible for our clients.

Firmengründung 2015
Mitarbeitendenzahl 20 in Germany, 30 alltogether
Tätigkeitsfeld Consulting, Focus on Strategy and Transformation
Hamburg, Munich, Zug (Switzerland)

Neueinstellungen 15 pro Jahr
Praktikant:innenbedarf 4 pro Jahr
Gesuchte Fachrichtungen

Business, Management, (Business) Informatics, Innovation/Entrepreneur, ….
Funfact Average company age is 32 – so we are a young team!


Become a CREATOR of solutions for TTE clients and our growth company from day 1
Become the DRIVER of your own learning curve
Become a great TEAMMATE and live our international family spirit
Be appreciated and valued as a HUMAN, not ‘resources’
That EXCITES you?
Let’s get in touch. Now. We cannot wait to get to know you!

Deine Teilnahmemöglichkeiten

  • Soft Skill Workshop

    „How fair process wins in business“

    Wir bei TTE legen mit einem integrativen Beratungsansatz großen Wert auf den Faktor Mensch und Empathie. Wir freuen uns auf eine interaktive Session mit Euch rund um Transformation in Unternehmen, Change Management und wie ein fairer Prozess dies positiv beeinflussen kann.

    Zum Mittag laden wir euch noch zu einem kleinen Mittagssnack ein.