Center for Strategic Projects und Deutsche Telekom AG

The Center Strategic Projects is the inhouse consulting division of Deutsche Telekom and trusted advisor of the top management. When it comes to DT’s transformation, we are the people to turn to. Our mandate at CSP: We are evolving the strategic future of our Group – to increase efficiency and sustainability.

By supporting Deutsche Telekom’s continuous transformation through professional concept and project / program management services, we successfully shape Europeans leading telecommunication provider.

Firmengründung Privatization 1995
Mitarbeiterzahl Weltweit mehr als 200000 Mitarbeiter

Tätigkeitsfeld Telecommunication / IT-Technology
Neueinstellungen 10 per year
Praktikantenbedarf 20 per year

Gesuchte Fachrichtungen

All subject areas – two years of academic experience in any field

We offer students and graduates the opportunity to actively transform Deutsche Telekom on group-wide strategic projects and take over responsibility from Day-1 onward. Whether you want to support us during a 3- to 6-month internship or take the first steps of your professional career – we are looking forward to your application.


Deine Teilnahmenmöglichkeiten

  • Participation case study challenge

    Globalization, digitization, big data – just some of this century’s megatrends fundamentally affecting the economic world, and telco industry in particular.
    For Deutsche Telekom as leading European telco, innovative power, new business models and organizational change are more important than ever to keep up with the rapid technological progress, new disruptive market entrants and digital giants, such as Amazon and Google.
    As trusted advisors of DT’s top management, we ensure the company’s success throughout continuous changes. At consultingcontact.2020, we kindly invite you to a journey into the future challenges by solving a real-world case study. Furthermore, we would like to get to know you in person and give insights into our values as Deutsche Telekom’s in-house consultancy.